Easy selfie

Simple camera app for easy taking photos, best for selfies and group photos.

GPS Tracker

Your partner on your sport activity and walks.

App and game sales

Save your money with App and Game sales. Check sales on Windows 10 store.

Photo editor by Pojkarsoft

Make your photo special. A lot of possibilities how to improve or change your photos.

Sunrise and sunset

Application not only for photographers. Check sunrise and sunset time for your location.

Humanity for free

Application raises funds for charity, without anyone donating anything. New revolutionary way how to make better place for living,

Sun compass

Compass driven by sun. You don't need compass sensor in your phone.

Easy positive thinking

Easy way how to live happy life. Just try think more about positive things in your life.

Battery and shortcuts

Two apps in one. Battery live tile with shortcuts tiles into most used settings.

Fast light

Your light in the darkness, and FAST - because night is dark and full of terrors

Body Mass Index - Calculator

Easy calculator for your BMI, with possibility to save your weight to check your changes during time.

Day counter

Counter how many days passed. Now you can celebrate some special thousands days anniversary.

Jumping dot

Easy additive game checiking your reflexes.

Meat vs. Veggies Logic

Exercise your brain with this really difficult puzzle game. No one completed all 105 levels, ever.

Color tap game

Check your reflexes and train your eye-hand coordination.

My sliding puzzle

Easy puzzle game for light training your brain.